The Content Marketing Conundrum

As financial services marketing professionals, we spend a lot of time, energy and resources in producing, curating and deploying content to engage finance decision-makers and influencers. But what do we really know about how they use all this information as they make strategic and day-to-day decisions?To find out, we surveyed and interviewed over 180 finance executives in Asia, Europe, and North America to explore what content and information they rely on to spot opportunities, assess options and make financial decisions.

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The ability to gain sustainable competitive advantage is at every financial services marketer's fingertips when you consider the advantages that you can gain from understanding your customer fully - by unearthing timely and accurate insights about them and their business priorities. Combine those insights with tightly-targeted channels and seed those channels with compelling, connected content, and you just need to stand back and watch those metrics and results ā€˜Jā€™ curve.

Well, doing it well and properly takes a bit of application and maybe a little help from some folks who know. Developing a compelling content strategy starts with understanding what our time-starved, bombarded decision-makers rely on to guide them. Who do they listen to and why? What formats work best? What gets them coming back for more?

Answering these questions is just a start......but a pretty fundamental one.

Chris Clark, Independent Consultant; Former CMO, HSBC Group

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