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Begin conversations, boost conversions

Ideas and Action conducted a global survey among 300 treasurers and CFOs to understand their criteria for valuable content, and how this influences their decisions to purchase more from financial services firms. To find out how you can create marketing content that engages your clients throughout the sales process.

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Taking the temperature on treasurers’ covid-19 response

Ideas and Action conducted rapid research among 100 treasurers and CFOs between 8th – 14th April to gain a snapshot of treasurers’ and CFOs’ priorities during the COVID-19 crisis and how they anticipate these priorities evolving over the coming 12 months.

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Striking the right note: Building Resonant Propositions for Transaction Banking

We surveyed and interviewed over 300 CFOs, treasurers, and finance directors to find out what is truly important in selecting a transaction banking partner, and what banks can do to stand out.

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The Content Marketing Conundrum

We surveyed and interviewed over 180 financial decision-makers from major corporations around the world to better understand the role that content plays at each point in their decision making. Download our research report here.

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Podcast: Powerful insights-led marketing campaigns – with Sharon Weise-Nesbeth

In this episode, Pia talks to Sharon Weise-Nesbeth from HSBC as they discuss the benefits of using research data and …
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How corporates select transaction banks today and in the future

Explore the top-line results of our industry research Striking the right note: building resonant propositions for transaction banking, and download …
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Video: Finance professionals consider service provider credentials early

Finance professionals review banks’ credentials early in the decision-making process. Pia Gonzalez-Nazareno, CEO and Managing Partner, explains what this means …
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Video: Topics that help treasury and finance professionals make decisions

We examined how treasury and finance professionals use content to inform their decision-making. The topics that they find most useful …
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Video: The most valued forms of content

Treasury and finance professionals see a time, a role, and a place for all forms of content – short, long, …
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Video: Understanding finance professionals

Our research shows that around the world, there are consistencies in the ways senior finance professionals consume content. Watch Ideas …
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If a lion could speak

The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein famously discusses in his 1950s book ‘Philosophical Investigations’ that ‘If a lion could speak, we could …
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Beyond bottled water & detergent: Value propositions in financial services marketing

During my time at the frontline of financial services marketing, I had often observed a distinct lack of differentiation in …
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Complements to Gender Diversity

Diversity of thought and approach is vital for marketing teams to generate innovative ideas and find new ways of implementing …
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