All over the world, businesses have been thrust into unknown territory with Covid-19. And in Financial Services, despite all our business continuity planning, we  still find ourselves in unchartered territory.

As we work with financial services marketers, we are seeing the important roles they play in enabling their firms to effectively support customers through this difficult period. While it is far from business as usual, business still continues – albeit within different parameters.

For financial services marketers, the Covid-19 crisis has meant the need to revisit what, just a few weeks ago, were deemed robust and relevant 2020 marketing plans. These are now having to change dramatically, if only for the foreseeable future. As we work with our clients, we have been seeing first-hand some of the most common challenges they currently face:

  • As client events are unwound (often a task even more onerous than the planning), teams are establishing and increasing the use of digital channels of communication such as webinars, podcasts, and webcasts
  • Client communications and content strategies are being revisited; thought leadership strategies and messages are being sensitively adapted to current client needs and scenarios
  • Tactical client communications are rapidly being developed and deployed as firms seek to reassure clients and demonstrate ongoing support
  • Research is quickly being commissioned to provide business partners with timely insight into what clients are thinking, what they need, and what they expect their financial services partners to be doing to support their businesses

But no matter how frenetic the demands of today’s crisis are, strategic marketers recognise the importance of balancing the need for a tactical response with keeping an eye on the longer-term. Many are coupling their tactics with longer-term horizon scanning and planning – anticipating what the new, post-Covid era may bring.

Throughout this period, we at Ideas and Action continue to work closely with our financial services clients, ideating, testing, learning; from helping them quickly adjust and adapt activities to conducting rapid research and developing new content.

We have also been involved in many discussions exploring the role that the B2B financial services marketer can play in supporting their firms’ customers throughout this period and beyond.

We are finding that it is unfamiliar waters for all of us, so the more we talk and share, the better we, as financial services marketers, are able to support our businesses and customers as they navigate the crisis.

It is for this reason that we have decided to extend these ideation discussions to other B2B financial services marketers. If you feel it would be useful, we are offering complimentary  45-minute video conference ideation sessions with our highly experienced marketing consultants.

In these sessions, we will discuss:

  • Your most pressing marketing challenges
  • How your firm is planning to react, or is already reacting to these changes
  • Ideas and actions to consider based on your firm’s specific objectives

After the session, we will provide you with a brief write up summarising our conversation, along with some further ideas on how you and your firm may adapt.

In order to give each consultation session our full attention, we are limiting this offer to the first ten registrations. If this is of interest, please complete the form below, and we will be in touch to schedule a time for a video call with you.